Understanding Public Improvement Districts & Prop G

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Understanding Public Improvement Districts & Prop G

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for Furst Ranch’s PID (Public Improvement District) initiative. As the PID is set to appear on the ballot for the upcoming Flower Mound elections, it’s essential to address any queries or concerns you may have regarding this important proposal. Our aim is to provide comprehensive answers to all your questions about the PID and encourage you to vote “yes” to Prop G. By doing so, you’ll play a vital role in shaping the future of Furst Ranch and contributing to the growth and prosperity of our community. Let’s delve into the details and address any uncertainties you may have about the PID and its implications. If you have any additional questions, please contact us, and our team will happily assist you.

What does voting for Prop G mean?

Voting for Prop G will allow the Town to create a Public Improvement District (PID) to develop acres of public parkland and a vast trail system connecting new amenities, such as a grocery store and shops, to public open space and residential communities.

Furst Ranch will increase the town’s public park areas by 33% and at no cost to current taxpayers.

What is a PID?

Public Improvement Districts (PIDs) are defined geographical areas established to provide specific improvements, such as water, wastewater, roads, drainage, parks, trails, and related amenities. These improvements are financed by assessments against the property owners
within the designated area.

Will Prop G Raise my taxes?

No!  Prop G will not raise our taxes. With a PID, rather than the town having to budget for the cost of required public improvements, the future property owners in the PID finance these improvements.

Passing Prop G could lower property taxes for residents of Flower Mound by growing and diversifying the tax base. When we can grow the commercial tax base, we lessen the tax burden on homeowners, creating the environment to lower property taxes without sacrificing
the services the Town provides.

What is the Purpose of the PID?

The purpose of the PID is to isolate the costs of new development to those properties that benefit directly from the PID improvements without burdening all residents.

What Improvements will Prop G allow the PID to Fund?

Prop G allows the Town Council to vote on what PID improvements will be funded. All PID improvements are public improvements and include water, sewer, roads, drainage, parks, trails, and related amenities. Current plans for the first phase include an extensive park and
trail system that all town residents can enjoy. Funds collected through the PID will also be used for park and trail maintenance, lessening the burden on the city park budget.

The improvements funded by the PID include:

Park Development: The development of parks within Furst Ranch, including amenities such as playgrounds, picnic areas, sports fields, and green spaces. These parks will provide residents with recreational opportunities and spaces for socializing and enjoying the outdoors.

Trail Construction: Construct a network of trails throughout Furst Ranch, connecting different parts of the community and providing residents with opportunities for walking, jogging, biking, and enjoying nature. These trails may traverse scenic areas, natural habitats, and community landmarks.

Trail Amenities: Construct amenities along the trails, such as benches, rest areas, signage, and lighting. These amenities will enhance the usability and safety of the trail system, making it more accessible and enjoyable for residents of all ages.

Maintenance and Upkeep: Ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the park and trail system. This includes tasks such as landscaping, trail repairs, trash removal, and facility maintenance to ensure that the trails and amenities remain in good condition for years to come and will not impact the Town’s current park budget.

Who Will Manage the PID Funds?

A town-appointed entity will oversee the management of the PID funds to ensure transparency, accountability, and efficient resource allocation. Funding will be provided in stages after certain milestones are met to ensure proper fund use.  

What Positive Environmental Impact Will the PID Have on Furst Ranch and the Surrounding Area?

Funds from the Furst Ranch PID will have a positive environmental impact by preserving and enhancing natural habitats, promoting biodiversity, and mitigating the effects of urban development on local ecosystems. The creation of green spaces, conservation areas, and
wildlife corridors within the community will contribute to cleaner air and water, improved soil health, and a healthier ecosystem for plants, animals, and people alike.

Can a PID potentially lower my taxes?

Having a PID can potentially lower property taxes for residents of Flower Mound by growing and diversifying the tax base. Here’s how:

Increased Revenue from Commercial Businesses: Commercial businesses typically pay higher property taxes compared to residential properties. By attracting new businesses to the area through the establishment of a PID, the Town of Flower Mound can increase its tax revenue without relying solely on residential property taxes.

Diversification of the Tax Base: Relying solely on residential property taxes can put a strain on homeowners, leading to higher property tax rates. However, by attracting commercial businesses to the area, the town can diversify its tax base. This means that the tax burden is spread out more evenly among residential and commercial properties, potentially resulting in lower property tax rates for homeowners.